Sunday, January 24, 2021

Budget Insurance

 Budget Insurance are a UK based insurance intermediary who, to date, have helped almost three million customers across the country find simple, flexible insurance products. 

We offer home, car, van and life insurance policies with different levels of cover designed to meet today’s busy lifestyles. For our motor and home insurance policies we work with a UK network of leading insurers and for our life insurance policies we work with a selected insurer so you can be sure you’re getting great cover, at a good price.


Road Assist

Being stuck next to the side of the road with a flat tyre, an empty petrol tank, or just a broken down car is no one’s idea of fun. But with Budget’s Roadside Assist we’ll dispatch help to you as soon as we can. 

Please ensure you save the Assist and Towline number to your phone 0860 10 42 11. Should you wish to display an Assist and Towline disc on your car, you can download a free PDF version here. Simply print it in colour, cut it out, and place it in a disc holder in your car. The Breakdown Assistance service has a annual limit of three call-outs per insured vehicle.


Home Assist

We’re not all DIY experts. Fortunately, with Budget’s Home Assist we’ll cover the cost of a call-out fee and one hour’s labour for plumbers, electricians, glazers, and locksmiths. You’ll also have access to a database with referrals to builders, carpet services, painters, garden services, fire damage repairers, and much more.The Breakdown Assistance service has a annual limit of three call-outs.

Trauma Assist

Should you ever find yourself in a traumatic situation Budget’s Trauma Assist can aid you from counselling sessions to referrals. You are never alone in your darkest hours.

Medical Assist

In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency Budget’s Medical Assist will give you access to 24-hour trained professionals and medical assistance.

Legal Assist

There’s nothing worse than dealing with legal issues without professional assistance. That’s why Budget’s Legal Assist gives access to qualified professionals who’ll guide you through the process with telephonic advice on legal and tax matters. Should you need help with legal documentation, courtroom preparations, or just a referral – Legal Assist is here for you.

Entertainment Assist

When you are looking for a hotel, a restaurant, or even if you just want to find out what events are taking place near you, Budget’s Entertainment Assist is just what you need.

Biz Assist

Biz Assist

We really go the extra mile when it comes to providing excellent cover at affordable insurance cover for our clients. That’s why we’ve specifically designed Biz Assist, a practical benefit package to help you reach your business’s long-term goals.

Biz Assist is automatically added to your Business policy at no extra cost to you. This great assistance benefit provides free 24/7 online and telephonic support. But we don’t only offer you advice on how to grow your business, we also offer you specials ranging from stationery to car hire.

We work with a network of suppliers all to bring you the best deals. Whatever you need to run your business smoother, we’re here to help you grow. 

What does Biz Assist offer?

  • business growth opportunities
  • your own personal assistant
  • business advice from trained professionals
  • extra purchasing power
  • and much, much more!